Flood Control

  • Save your finish basement from burst pipes and leaks with water main control

  • Disable/enable hose lines for winter/summer seasons

Water Feature control

  • Integrate water features with remote control, voice control, automations, and schedules

Disability & Senior

  • Devices thoroughly configured for turn-key experience

  • Control lighting, temperature, shades from the bed side

  • Voice controlled solutions

    • Voice controlled home intercom and telephone

    • Voice assistant for alarms, reminders, general information, media and home control.

  • Accessibility configurations and consulting



  • Add new controls without rewiring.

  • Smart lighting for older electrical systems

physical controls

  • Physical buttons/controls for your digital world.

  • Controlling lighting, audio, and more without clunky phone apps.

Whole home control

  • Control every light in your house means never leaving a light on by accident again.

Lighting as security

  • Vacation mode turns lights off and on randomly throughout a vacation period.

  • Turn outdoor lights on full when security cameras notice motion.

motion lighting

  • Turn lights on only when space is occupied. For adaptive lighting in laundry, garage, closets, and utility spaces.

Just for fun

  • In-door and outdoor Philips Hue lighting design gives you colorful lighting control that is great for theaters, playrooms, pool/spa, and a permeant solution for holiday lighting.

Specialty Integrations


  • Doorbell Integration will let your doorbell ring throughout the house

  • Peloton Integration will play your peloton classes through your SONOS system

  • Nest Integration will connect your Nests to Apples HomeKit for SIRI control

  • SONOS + Alexa Integration will play the Alexa system through your in-wall, in-ceiling SONOS speakers.

  • Access Control Integration will connect your gates and entries to Apples HomeKit for SIRI control

Audio Design

Next generation SURROUND sound

  • Dolby Atmos 3D theater audio for incredible movie theater level audio for dedicated home theaters. With up to 15 speakers and 2 subwoofers, Atmos delivers audio to match todays incredible 4k video.

  • SONOS wireless surround sound for superior sound quality that is visually appealing and discrete.

WHole home audio

  • Enjoy music in new places: Outdoors, garage, bathrooms, closets, etc. through In-ceiling, in-wall, under-wall invisible speaker

  • Physical, digital, and voice controls

  • Get the best multi-room audio experience with SONOS and Apple’s Airplay

  • Integration with the beauty and superior sound of Hi-Fi audio equipment.



  • Add keyless entry control to rental, shared, and vacation homes

  • Secure auto-unlock and lock will stay one step ahead of you.

  • Never second guess and never get locked out with remote lock/unlock.

Gate and advanced access control

  • Our software development team allow us to work with your access control provider to add new era control through Apple’s HomeKit and Alexa.

Phone and intercom

  • Voice controlled home phone.

  • Voice controlled intercom with per room communication or whole home announcements.


  • When voice doesn’t cut it, control through a dedicated home iPad. Central point of control that you can count on. Wall mounted or table docked.

  • Wall-embedded Amazon Alexa offer for a whole home Smart assistant.


Backup and redundancy

  • Battery Backup

    • Keep your data sensitive devices from power failure damage

    • Keep your network and computing online in-between generator starts up.

  • Duel WAN (duel internet connections) will give you internet failover and assurance for your home office.

  • Boost your Verizon or AT&T cell service at home with LTE boosters.


  • Kids and Guest networks keep your main network isolated.

  • Parental control that simple. Family profiles allow easy control over your kids connection to the internet. Manual or scheduled control.



  • Power management on smart devices, media systems, and your network allows your system to self heal and makes for quick and inexpensive remote service.

  • Discrete system reboot buttons give you control over your system and devices.


  • Detailed installations— thoughtful planning and zero tolerance execution means installs that you can count on.

  • Planning for the future— we design for today and prepare for tomorrow in every system.


  • We live and breath the technology we sell. Sorting through the junk and hype to find the best of class.


Black Button Service

  • We have an app for that. Black Button is designed for the whole family to contact us with issues day or night. Just tap, type, attach a photo and click send.


  • Need someone on call? Get 24/7 phone / remote support for questions and issues.