About Us


Where we Started

In 2011 the first generation Nest Thermostat was released and sparked our obsession with the concept of a Simple Smart Home. Years of finding the line between useful in reality and marketing gimmicks. We’ve moved with the technology to today where the smart home is ready to give us real value.

What we do

Curation — We develop solutions by knowing our products in and out, saying no to products that don’t meet our expectation, and picking which products work best together.

End Experience — We start at the end experience. How you expect things to work and how we can make it happen.

More Magic — Manufacturers sold you magic and we are here to make it happen. Not by promising that things will always work but being prepared, proactive, and responsive to problems. Remote management, redundancy, preventive maintenance, and system monitoring are how we keep your things working.

Service — Routine services calls is NOT our business but reliable service is. Our Black Button Service app lets you and the whole family message us anytime. This means letting us know your questions as they come so they never get loss in the busyness of life. Need extended support? Someone to call when the east coast is sleeping? We have a west cost help desk for extended technical support so you’re never left hanging.  

Technical Edge & Evolution — We work to be responsive in both service and innovation. Testing the latest products as they come out and evolve. Delivering you a cutting edge solution that are tried and tested.

Justin Shulman — Founder & Systems Engineer