Things Updated — 3

What's New?

  • Amazon purchased the home WiFi company Eero. You can now control parental controls via Eero's Alexa skill.

  • Tesla has released the base Model 3 starting at $35,000 before gas savings + tax credits. 

Coming Soon

  • AirPods 2 are expected late March

Things Integrated Update 

  • Now offering Smart thermostat installations for compatible apartment through-wall AC units

  • Now installing our custom, frameless, wall mounted iPads for home control and small space TVs.

Dose of Alexa

  • "Alexa, rename the living room plug." 
    Rename your smart home devices and organize them into groups so you can control them more easily. Just ask to rename a device or add a device to a group.

  • "Alexa, learn my voice." 
    Get your personalized experience for music, making calls, setting location-based reminders, and more, when Alexa recognizes your voice. Set up your voice profile today.

Irrelevant Commands 

  • "Alexa, what's the question of the day?"

  • "Alexa, when does Game of Thrones return?"